Why Choose Sharper Image Hairstylists Over Anyone Else?

  Okay, so you’ve made it to our website. Now, you’re probably wondering what makes our salon different from everybody else's. Well, we're not going to bore you with the usual declarations of “Oh, we’ve been in business 25 years, etc., etc.” Let us explain how we handle clients and that will give you a better idea of why Sharper Image is your best choice.

We promise we will do the following.

 The first thing we do for all new clients is a 15-minute consultation. In this consultation, we’ll try to understand what your needs and desires are, both on a short-term scale and on a long-term scale. Also, we give you advice on what your expectations should be based on the current state of your hair.

 The second thing we do is give you an idea of the overall health of your hair. Is it damaged or is it healthy? We do in what’s referred to as the “stretch test." This will provide us with a baseline of where we go next. We want you to think of the stylist as the “personal trainer” for your hair.

 Next, we’ll enter all your information in our computer system. This unique system allows us to track exactly what we do to your hair every time you visit our salon. It allows us to keep track of your hair's progress and to make sure that anyone in our salon - not just who you visited last time you were in - can help you out in the future.

 After we perform the services that you requested, we’ll recommend any products that you may need to ensure that you can “re-create” the look over the coming weeks. This is critical, as most clients are frustrated when they cannot reproduce the "salon look."

 When you're ready to leave, our front desk staff will offer to reschedule your next appointment in a quick and efficient manner so that you can always make sure that you get the time-slot that works best for your schedule. We’ll also email you an appointment reminder (or place a phone call, if you prefer) a few days in advance of your next appointment.

Here are a few things that we will not do.

 We will not make you wait because we’re running behind schedule. We are sticklers for time. We understand that your time is valuable and we will respect that.

 We will never just stick you in a stylist chair and say, “So, do you want the same thing as last time?” We realize that you’re coming to us for advice and expert service. We will always suggest new looks or colors that might enhance your appearance. It's our job to help make you beautiful, after all!

 We’ll treat you as a guest, not as a number. Our clients are the only reason we’re in business. We know this and we’ll always try to treat you like a star.

With all that in mind, isn’t it time to give us a try?

 Simply give us a call at the phone number listed on the bottom of the page - or fill out the contact form on the right - and we will be happy to service you.

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Our Services

(Prices are "starting at" prices)

Women's Haircuts

Wash Cut & Style - $46
Simple Cut - $33
Children - $22 & up
Bang Trim - $8
Wash & Style - $30
Retouch Color & Style - $73
Color with Cut & Style - $83
Foils with Color - $20 (& up)
Full Foil & Style - $125
Full Foil with Cut & Style - $130
Partial Foil & Style - $90
Partial Foil with Cut & Style - $120
Perm - $80
Formal Styling - $70
Keratin Hair Restructuring - $250


Brows - $10
Lip - $10
Chin - $10

Other Services

Make Up Application - $60

Prices are subject to change due to product usage and personal needs